Linear winches

At Bezemer Dordrecht we offer a wide variety of hydraulic linear winches. Linear winches guarantee a high pull-to-weight ratio and are designed to operate in a wide range of applications both onshore- and offshore.  

Linear winches provide a proven solution for shore pulls of oil & gas pipelines and we continuously develop new application methods together with our stakeholders such as for the renewable energy market.   

Examples of linear winch project applications include:  

  • Pipeline pulling systems  
  • Pipe laying operations and pipeline recoveries
  • Umbilical pull in  
  • (Catanary) Riser pull-ins and/or riser replacements 
  • FPSO chain replacements 
  • Offshore Floating Wind moorings 

We offer both continuous and intermittent linear winches. The continuous linear winch provides constant motion, increasing the speed of the pull. An intermittent linear winch winch is more compact, making it suitable to work in less accessible/confined spaces.  

Contact us to find out how our linear winches can support your projects.