Safety Health Environment Quality

The Bezemer Group is a company that operates worldwide based on practical principles. The internal risk management and control system focuses on the day-to-day working processes.

One of the main foundations for risk management is the Bezemer culture, characterized for its transparency regarding the timely identification, evaluation and reporting following our ISO9001 management system. In addition to the specific risk mitigation measures mentioned above, the Bezemer risk management and control systems include the following main components:

  • Integrated rules and procedures safeguard operational risk management in our business operations and systems to acquire and execute projects.
  • Bezemer performs regular internal audits, besides the external certified audits done by DNV and clients, to review this system’s design and operational effectiveness.
  • Short communication and practical leadership are known as Bezemer’s ways, applying to the tendering phase, project implementation- and execution phase.

This approach means that we as a company can react quickly to customer demands, be flexible, and guarantee our people’s safety, the environment, the health and the quality that we stand for.

The continuity of individual projects and potential risks are closely followed and monitored through our dedicated working methods, close contact and periodic reports.



Bezemer Group B.V practices a policy of continuous improvement towards its Safety, Health, Environment and Quality procedures. To safeguard the effectiveness of the quality management system, regular audits and management reviews are executed.

In order to ensure a high standard of products and services, Bezemer Group B.V. is  ISO 9001:2015 certificated for their quality management system.

The objectives

The objectives of Bezemer Group B.V. are:

  • Zero personal accidents;
  • Zero damage to equipment or property;
  • No damage to the environment;
  • No downtime on rental agreements;
  • On time delivery conform our rental order.


  • We offer equipment but also experience, know-how and dedicated employees;
  • We advise you on the feasibility of your plans and offer alternative solutions where appropriate;
  • We are committed to results and timely completion of projects;
  • Our technology is state-of-the-art and in optimum condition;
  • All our equipment is tested and certified.


  • As a relatively small company we can react fast and flexible to your requests;
  • We can quickly assist you when new developments or situations demand this;
  • We can tailor equipment to the requirements of the customer;