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A 300 mTon pulling linear winch for the ultimate pull 

The C600 is a continuous linear winch with a pull capacity of 300 metric tonnes, built to the specifications of Bezemer. This winch is particularly suitable for rough environments, which often can be found on landfall locations and beaches.  

This hydraulic linear winch is often used for pipe pull operations from the lay barge and also for pull outs from the beach. This winch and its supporting equipment are used by dredging companies, pipe laying companies as well as marine and salvage companies. 

This linear winch is driven by a containerized diesel hydraulic power unit. The power unit is designed to provide reliable and efficient power to the winch, enabling it to perform heavy-duty pulling operations with ease. 

Performance data 

  • Maximum pulling capacity                 300 mTon       @ 2,80 m/min 
  • Maximum speed                                2,80 m/min     @ 300 mTon 

Additional information  

To find out more about this linear winch and its power unit, please download the specifications and pocket plans, or contact us directly to find out how this winch can support your project.