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The advantages of this industrial and efficient 500 mTon pulling winch

The KTC 400 is a continuous linear winch with 500 metric tonne pull capacity. This linear winch is designed on a specification of Bezemer Dordrecht.  

This machine has socket passing capabilities and is a reliable solution for pipe pull operations or deepwater lowering operations. The advantage of socket passing under load is that the socket pass requires minimal manual work and thereby increases the average speed of the pull and enables efficiency. 

Additionally, the KTC 400 is capable of continuously paying out under load, making it an excellent choice for projects where speed and efficiency are a priority.  The power unit that comes with this linear winch has some special features to accommodate this type of operations, i.e. large hydraulic oil cooling capacity. 

Performance data 

  • Maximum pulling capacity                 500 mTon       @ 2,30 m/min 
  • Maximum speed                                5,70 m/min     @ 130 mTon 

Additional information  

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