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Atex/zone II compliable winch with adjustable base for angled pulls

The KTI 150 is specially designed to work in Atex/Zone II areas on the Norwegian shelf. This 150 metric tonnes pulling linear winch and its hydraulic power unit comply to Norsok Z-015 certification and are suitable to work in a hazardous area zone 2 IIA T3. The winch is designed according to DNV lifting appliances to guarantee extra safety. And complies to the health and safety requirements of the European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC 

Its smaller size and low weight make the winch easy to install. The winch is highly suitable for projects on offshore platforms, where it can be lifted straight from the supply vessel onto the deck. 

Additional qualities of this winch, are that this winch can operate at temperatures below zero and that the winch can be mounted on a hydraulicly driven frame, allowing the winch to tilt backwards to pull from the desired angle.  

The KTI 150 comes with a containerised electrical-driven power unit. Like the winch the container complies with all the above-mentioned certifications, making the complete winch spread suitable for work in a hazardous area zone 2 IIA T3. 

Performance data 

  • Maximum pulling capacity                 150 mTon       @ 1,00 m/min 
  • Maximum speed                                1,70 m/min     @ 100 mTon

Additional information

Interested in this explosion proof 150 Tonnes linear winch? Download the specifications or contact us today to learn more about the KTI 150 linear winch and how we can help you achieve your goals quickly and efficiently.