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An explosion proof, dismountable linear winch, ideal for offshore platforms

The KTC 500 is an explosion proof continuous linear winch with 500 metric tonne pull capacity. Specially designed and manufactured for work on offshore platforms this linear winch is a state of the art unit. The linear winch is designed in such a way that it can be divided in four (4) sections, with a maximum weight of 20 metric tonnes, to meet the capacity of platform cranes. Each section of the linear winch can be lifted without a cradle, since each part is separate certified according to DNV 2.7-1. 

Furthermore, the unit can be used on live platforms and refineries since all components of the winch and power unit are explosion-proof. Additionally, the winch is designed according to Norsok Z-015 certification requirements. The above makes it possible to operate in Zone 2, IIA, T3.  

The machine proved its capabilities on 2 offshore platforms, “Troll A” and “Gullfaks C” both operated and owned by Statoil. 

Performance data 

  • Maximum pulling capacity                 500 mTon       @ 2,10 m/min 
  • Maximum speed                                3,00 m/min     @ 350 mTon 

Additional information  

Whether you’re working on an offshore platform or onshore project, the KTC 500 linear winch is a reliable and efficient solution for your pulling needs. Contact us today to learn more about how the KTC 500 can benefit your project.