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The ultimate high load pulling winch with socket passing capabilities

With a working load limit of 800 metric tonnes is the KTC 800 SP one of the most powerful socket-passing linear winches operating in the world. Specially designed by Bezemer this unit is used for very heavy beach pulls or other projects which require a high pull force on a single wire. 

This machine can accommodate wire sizes up to 152mm and is capable to pass sockets up to wire size 128mm at full load, resulting in an efficient continuous operation.  

This heavy-duty linear winch is built in 2 pieces which can be easily connected and disconnected. When disconnected, the winch parts have a given weight of less than 60 metric tonnes per winch part, making transport and placement of the winch more manageable.  

The hydraulic power unit is built in two separate skids to reduce the dimensions and weights of the power supply. 

Performance data 

  • Maximum pulling capacity                 800 mTon       @ 3,00 m/min 
  • Maximum speed                                3,00 m/min     @ 800 mTon 

Additional information  

If you require more information about the KTC 800 SP, please do not hesitate to contact us, or download the specifications and pocket plans by clicking the yellow download button