Our efforts towards Sensible Sustainability

Ad Bezemer, CEO and Owner: “Sustainability is not just a social and ethical responsibility; it is something our clients and partners expect and demand of us and rightly so. We constantly aim to lower our ecological footprint. We do this by reducing our nitrogen and CO2 output and working as circularly as possible. For example, this environmental awareness brought us to first install solar panels on the roof of our workshop in 2013, 2015 and 2021. This brings the total to nearly 700 pannels. In addition, all gas-discharge lamps are replaced with LED lighting. These investments have resulted in an energy-neutral workplace and head office. Further sustainability does however continue: we will convert our current workshop and the new – to build – storage facilities to be completely energy-neutral. This means, amongst other things, we will no longer use fossil fuels such as gas for heating”.

Circularity has always been a crucial part of our working method: we take excellent care of our materials. After every project, all winches, power units and other equipment are inspected and thoroughly maintained. Overhauling and a fresh coat of paint contribute to our materials’ long-term, economic, and reliable usability. The materials we rent out always appear to be brand new and that is noticed and appreciated by our clients. This intensive care pays off. Some of our winches are more than 20 years old and still in perfect working order. A good start, but in the end, we want to be as energy neutral, as sustainable, lean and mean as possible”.


Ad Bezemer, April 2022

Ad Bezemer

We want to be as energy neutral, as sustainable, lean and mean as possible.

The energy transition brings challenges but also offers the Bezemer Group opportunities to develop the company in new ways and create new services and products.

Bezemer: “We are thinking about building our own power banks to shape the electrification of our fleet, with the result that emissions are reduced to zero per cent over time. We are currently involved in installing a CO2 return line from the Maasvlakte to a decommissioned oil platform in the Nordsea that can store ten per cent of the CO2 production in the Rotterdam region.