Drum winches

Bezemer Dordrecht offers various hydraulicly and electrically driven drum winches. Our drum winches are available in single or space-efficient double-drum configurations.  

Our drum winches typically are utilized for applications like:  

  • Multi-point Mooring operations 
  • Jacket installation 
  • Floatovers  
  • Messenger wire pulls  
  • Anchor recovery/release 
  • Float over projects 
  • Salvaging 

Possible features such as free fall mode, constant tensioning (CT) mode, declutch or the possibility to rotate clockwise and contraclockwise are available. Drum winches can also be applied as holdback/traction winch or as spooling winch.  

Check the specifications of our winches on our website. For more information, please contact us and find out more about how our drum winches can support your projects.