Wire handling equipment

In order to facilitate the optimal use of our winches, we provide steel wire ropes and all required supporting equipment to complete the package to your project-specific requirements.  

If only limited space is available our team will make optimal use of it and assists in detailed engineering and design. Moreover, our team of winch specialists helps by creating a custom site layout tailored to customers’ specific needs.  

See below a selection of the equipment used to complete the rental package. Interested in our services? Feel free to contact us or browse further and discover our linear winches and our drum winches. 

Storage winch

Storage winches

Bezemer Dordrecht offers a wide range of storage winches, perfectly suited to spool and transfer the wire pulled by our linear winches. The winches come in a variety of sizes, holdback forces, and line speeds. With a maximum storage capacity of up to 300 tonnes of wire, we are able to provide you with the most suitable winch for your application.

The storage winches provided by Bezemer have their own built-in gearbox which is usually driven by the hydraulic power pack of the linear winch. Depending on the type off gearbox the provided storage winch has a maximum pulling force of approximately 60 mTon on the first layer. This pulling force allows you to tension the wire whilst spooling, therefore these winches can also be utilized for cable and umbilical installation and handling. 

Bezemer storage winches are available with a removable drum, allowing you to directly install a transport reel with wire on the storage winch. Additionally, the winches are delivered with a suitable level winder, allowing more smooth and efficient spooling.

Steel wire rope

No pull without a steel wire rope. At Bezemer we can provide you with a variety of high-strength, durable steel wire ropes, directly from our inventory. Based on the pulling distance, the required pull force, and the provided winch we will deliver the optimal lengths and diameters of pulling wire to complete the job.  

Our inventory consists of various ropes ranging in diameter from 34mm / 1,3 inches to 128mm / 5 inch. These ropes have a minimum breaking load (MBL) ranging from 70 mTon to up to 1200 mTon. As our most used wire is a 102mm / 4 inch wire, we have several lengths available. With a minimum breaking load (MBL) of 900 tonnes this wire is this wire a perfect option for our 800 tonnes pulling linear winches.  

The ropes used by Bezemer are made of high-quality materials. Our steel wire ropes come from leading bands like Bridon and Python. The wires are stored, maintained and recertified by our subcontractor United Offshore Service. All steel wire ropes are tested and certified before use.  

In addition to the steel wire rope, Bezemer provides holdback wires and shackles to anchor the winch.

Steel wire rope



At Bezemer Dordrecht we design our own heavy-duty fairleaders. We have a wide range of fairleaders available. Options include various sizes of swivelable fairleaders and universal roller fairleads. These fairleads allow you to guide ropes or cables while reducing the friction on the cable as it moves.

All our fairleads have a sturdy design with stainless steel roller axles. The fairlead can be deck-mounted and is built to withstand the breaking strength of the compatible cable under a 90-degree angle.

The fairleaders are also available for sale. Click the download button for more information on our faileads, or contact us to provide you with an offer.

Sheaves and rollers

Bezemer Dordrecht also offers wire guiding rollers and vertical and horizontal sheaves to be used with our winches. These wire sheaves are manufactured to the highest standards and are compatible with our equipment.

In addition to guiding sheaves, Bezemer also provides holdback sheaves. Our inventory with holdback sheaves ranges from 300mTon up to 1600mTon holding capacity. This means we can provide you with an equalizing sheave to suit your project. These sheaves will be provided with dedicated retaining rigging.  Bezemer can also provide you with several types of deck sheaves, to be used with our fleet of mooring winches. Please ask us how our sheaves and rollers can support your project. 

Sheaves and rollers

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