More information about linear winches

A 300 mTon underwater winch for subsea applications

The I800 linear winch is built to the specification of Bezemer and has been modified for underwater use. The winch is suitable to work at a maximum water depth of approx. 35m. This winch must be manually controlled. By means of camera’s the operator can monitor the movement of the grippers and operate the underwater winch.  

The compact intermittent winch is also functional while standing in an upright position, resulting in 300 metric tonnes of vertical force while reducing its footprint on the vessel or barge even more.    

The winch is driven by an electric hydraulic power unit, which is placed on the supporting vessel or barge. By placing the winch on the seabed all vessel movements are eliminated. In addition to subsea operation, this winch is applicable for onshore work. 

Additional information

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