Scarborough Project Australia
300 ton linear winch type C600

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Scarborough Project Australia
300 ton linear winch type C600

Project description

Bezemer provided a linear winch spread to complete the shore pull section of the Scarborough export trunk line consisting of 36” Concrete Weight Coasted pipeline. The export trunk line will facilitate gas transportation between the floating production unit at the Scarborough gas field and the Pluto LNG gas plant situated on the Burrup Peninsula near Dampier in Western Australia.

The shore pull section of this project was managed by Boskalis. The scope was to safely complete the shore pull, located within a live LNG Plant, working within the confines of a very small foot print available for construction activities and in the vicinity of an existing buried live gas pipeline (Pluto trunkline) and an LNG offtake jetty.

Boskalis awarded Bezemer the contract to complete the shore pull spread, consisting of a continuous 300mton linear winch, complete with a hydraulic power unit and a storage winch with steel wire rope, creating a compact but efficient site layout for the shore pull.

With safety as a priority, the project required compliance with the site permit-to-work system to allow the construction activities to take place. In addition, compliance to environmental and heritage approvals was critical when working in a coastal area and near sites of cultural significance. Awareness of all these prerequisites required all local and international personnel to undergo dedicated training and induction sessions to ensure a smooth operation.

The continuous linear winch proved to be a reliable part of the operation during the shore pull. Additionally, the Bezemer winch operators played an important role in the success of this part of the project, being integral to the pull operation. One of them expressed “This job was one of those projects where you must be continuously aware of your environment. The LNG plant around you, the large offtake jetty and stunning coastline serving as constant reminders of our responsibilities when completing a project.”