PIAM Project Argentina
500 ton linear winch C600

  • Client

    Baggerwerken Decloedt en Zoon N.V.

  • Location

    South Argentina

Used Products in this project

PIAM Project Argentina
500 ton linear winch C600

Project description

In 2017, Bezemer was requested to participate in a project in Argentina. They were approached by Deme, with a clear request: deliver a 300-tonne linear winch for the PIAM project in Argentina. The PIAM project, short for Projecto Incremental Area Magallanes, aimed to expand the existing gas platform in the Magallanes field, offshore in Argentina. 

 This project held a sense of déjà vu for Bezemer, as they had previously worked in the challenging Magellan Strait region back in 2010. The landfall site remained perched at the most southern tip of the Argentine mainland. You can read about our previous experience here. 

 After preparing and testing the winch at Bezemers premises in Dordrecht, the C600 linear winch, known for its relatively small physical footprint was shipped to the port of Buenos Aires. After that, it was loaded onto a truck for a cross-country trek, and it embarked on a 3000-kilometre journey by road. 

 600-meter shorepull with a 300-tonne linear winch.  

The winch was installed at the project site at the Magellan Strait to pull in a pipeline from the “Jascon 34” pipe-laying vessel. Bezemers C600 linear winch has a maximum pulling force of 300 metric tons and was equipped with an 83mm steel wire rope. The winch efficiently completed the 600-meter pull, completing the operation in just one and a half days.