Perla Gas Project Venezuela
500 ton linear winch KTC 500

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    Tideway B.V.

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Perla Gas Project Venezuela
500 ton linear winch KTC 500

Project description

The Cardon IV block in the Gulf of Venezuela hosts the Perla gas field, spanning approximately 33 square kilometers at a water depth of 60 meters. In April 2013, Saipem was selected to transport and install a hub platform and two satellite platforms, adding Venezuela to the Gas market. In 2013/2014 the project was executed, and Tideway (nowadays DEME Offhore) was asked to provide installation off the offshore export pipeline. As a result, Bezemer secured the contract for the supply of the pull-in and wire lay spread. 

Three storage winches with steel wire rope 

For this project, we provided a 500 Ton winch spread and three storage winches. Our KTC 500 spread was placed onshore for the beach pull. Additionally, the 3 storage winches, capable of storing the by Bezemer provided 4.700 meters of 102-millimetre steel wire rope, were positioned on a barge, to lay the pulling wire. With the pulling wire successfully installed, we were fully prepared to commence the 30-inch pipeline pull.

Pulling 4.500-meter wire with one winch

The export pipeline was pulled over 4.500 meters by our 500 tonnes linear winch. Since the 4.700-meter steel wire rope was delivered in 3 pieces, 2 socket passes were required. This would not be a problem since the used winch, the KTC 500, has socket-passing capabilities. Our team of skilled technicians collaborated to ensure that the socket passes were executed safely and flawlessly, without any disruptions or delays. 

This safe and successful pull, contributed to Venezuela’s entry into the gas market, making a significant contribution to the global energy supply. Bezemer takes immense pride in its role om this project and eagerly anticipates future involvement in similar ventures throughout Latin America.