CMMP Topside Iraq
80 Ton drum winch

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    Dockwise Shipping B.V.

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CMMP Topside Iraq
80 Ton drum winch

Project description

In 2013 The Central Metering and Manifold Platform was installed as part of phase two of the Iraq Crude Oil Export Expansion Project. The 7.700 metric tonnes platform was at that time one of the largest integrated decks in the middle east. Our client Dockwise (now Boskalis) was awarded the float-over installation of the project and Bezemer provided the float-over mooring system on the deck off the Finnesse, the semi-submersible heavy transport vessel (HTV) that was used for this project.  

Using winches for a floatover project 

During the project’s engineering phase, our team conducted regular reviews of the deck layout provided by Dockwise to ensure that the mooring system was optimized for the project’s requirements. Six drum winches, with level winders, swivel head anchor fairleads and deck sheaves were provided to assist in the topside float-over installation. The drum winches were equipped with fail-safe breaks, to ensure the safety of the mooring system. Additionally, the remote joystick control allowed for accurate positioning.  

The equipment provided by Bezemer was involved in the first- and second phases of the float-over project. Phase one consisted of mooring the HTV in front of the jacket by connecting the vessel in an anchor spread consisting of four anchor points of which two connected to the jacket. Phase two consisted of pulling the barge forward to carefully position the vessel into the slot. After successful positioning, the vessel could be lowered to install the topside. 

Low pull force, high precision 

Compared to other projects by Bezemer Dordrecht, this project required a relatively low pulling force in combination with a high precision requirement for positioning the HTV to the jacket.  

Overall, Bezemers drum winches played a key role in the safe and successful float-over installation of the Central Metering and Manifold Platform project, and our team is proud to have been a part of this float-over project in the Middle East. 

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