OCTP Gas Export Sealine Project Ghana
500 ton linear winch KTC 500

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    Takadori – Ghana

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OCTP Gas Export Sealine Project Ghana
500 ton linear winch KTC 500

Project description

Offshore Cape Three Points (OCTP) is one of the most important development projects in Ghana. The OTCP project consisted of two phases: the development of oil fields and the development of the gas fields. At the end of 2016, Bezemer Rental was approached by EMAS AMC to provide a linear winch for the shore pull section of the OCTP Gas Export Sealine Project.  

 Installation of a 26-inch pipeline 

 The OCTP Gas Export Sealine Project includes the installation of approximately 64km of 26″ rigid pipeline from the landfall terminal end (LTE) at the shore approach, to a subsea pipeline end termination (PLET) at the deepwater end in 825m water depth. The end of the pipeline is connected to the existing FPSO SSIV by a rigid 22″ diameter spool piece. While the LTE would be connected to the inland pipelines of Tokoradi.  

 Landfall through shallow water  

 The shorepull section crossed a long distance of shallow water. In order to complete this landfall Bezemer Dordrecht provided 3350 meters of steel wire rope and a 500 tonnes socket passing linear winch. The steel wire rope was transported in 5 sections which were connected using open and closed spelter sockets.  The steel wire ropes had a diameter of 102 mm and had a minimum breaking load of over 800 Ton. 

 The landfall was completed with success. The KTC 500’s socket passing capabilities allowed for socket passes with minimum downtime, which significantly decreased the duration of the operation in comparison to a non-socket passing linear winch.  

The 3350-meter pull was one of the many steps that led to the start of the gas production of the OTCP. According to the expectations made in 2018, the offshore fields are estimated to hold approximately 1.5 trillion cubic feet of gas, which is enough to feed Ghana’s thermal power plants for more than 20 years.