Leviathan Project Israel
500 ton linear winch type C1100

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Leviathan Project Israel
500 ton linear winch type C1100

Project description

For the Leviathan project (2017), Nobel Energy Mediterranean Ltd and its partners developed a gas production and transportation network to connect to Leviathan Development and Satellite Fields to the Israelian coast. Bezemer played a role in this project, as they provided a 500-tonne linear winch to subcontractor Allseas for the shore crossing section of the pipelines.  

 About the Leviathan Project 

The extension of the transportation network will allow gas from the Leviathan reservoir to be sent through subsea production flowlines to the Leviathan Production Platform (LPP) for processing. After processing, the gas will be transported to the shore through a 140 km export pipeline and integrated into the Israel Natural Gas Line (INGL) system. 

 Bezemer’s contribution to this project was to provide, install and operate a 500-tonne winch for the shore crossing section of the pipeline. This part of the 2300-meter pipeline would initiate in the shallow waters of the Mediterranean Sea, at 10 meters dept, and would terminate onshore.  

 Pulling a gas pipeline through a tunnel at the beach  

 In order to complete this pull, Bezemer provided a 500-tonne C1100 linear winch, compulsory power units and rollers, 2300 meters of steel wire rope and a messenger wire spread. The winch was set up at the pipe sting-making area at Haifa beach. 

  The  32-inch gas pipeline was installed trough a 56-inch tunnel. The linear winch would pull the export pipeline through the tunnel, allowing the pipeline to be buried a few meters beneath the beach. 

 The tunnel pull was completed with success, with a maximum pulling force of 400 metric tons. After the installation of this pipeline section, Allseas’ Lorelay was able to complete the deep-water section of the pipeline.