EPPLN Project
500 ton linear winch KTC 400

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    Port La Nouvelle

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EPPLN Project
500 ton linear winch KTC 400

Project description

The Port la Nouvelle Expansion project is aimed at creating a new outer harbour to accommodate larger vessels, improve traffic and accommodate new projects such as floating wind. In 2021 the first package started. The package consisted of various smaller stages, of which the EPPLN Project (otherwise called Project Hippocampe) was one. This project included the dismantling and reinstallation of the petroleum products import line for oil warehouse EPPLN. EPCI contractor Geocean called in Bezemer to provide winches to install the new 2600m sea-line. 

  Bezemer provided equipment for the wire lay installation and the pipe pull. The wire lay spread consisted of several spooling winches with over 3.000 meters of 102 mm steel wire rope. This steel wire rope was connected to the pullhead of the pipeline, which was completely constructed on land.

 The pipe pull was be performed by the KTC 400. This continuous linear winch with a maximum pull force of 500mTon was placed on a barge to pull the pipe from shore into the sea. The pipe, with a total length of 2600 meters and a diameter of 16 inches was connected to several buoyancy units to reduce the drag on the seabed.  During the pull, the barge was kept in place by anchors which were connected to the barge with additional 102 mm steel wire ropes. 

 With the completion of the EPPLN Project, the Port la Nouvelle expansion is one step further to completion. The port has several other projects in the pipeline, including the construction of a new liquid terminal and a green terminal.  

The sea-line, operated by EPPLN has been active since November 2021. Since then deliveries continuously occur every ten days.