Big Foot Project Gulf of Mexico
500 ton linear winch C1100 HS

  • Client

    Heerema Marine Contractors

  • Location

    Gulf of Mexico

Used Products in this project

Linear winch type C1100 HS

Big Foot Project Gulf of Mexico
500 ton linear winch C1100 HS

Project description

In 2010 the Chevron North America Exploration and Production Company has awarded Heerema Marine contractors the contract for transportation and installation of the Big Foot Extended Tension Leg Platform (ETLP). This project included the pull-in of multiple Steel Catenary Risers (SCR’s). Heerema awarded Bezemer Dordrecht this scope and our C1100 HS Linear winch was transported to the platform to pull in the SCR’s.  

Installing steel catenary risers

The Big Foot project holds significant importance as one of Chevron’s major capital ventures in the deepwater region of the U.S. Gulf of Mexico. Situated in Walker Ridge 29, approximately 225 miles (360 km) south of the vibrant city of New Orleans, Louisiana, this extended tension-leg platform (ETLP) stands tall, encompassed by the vastness of the ocean at a remarkable water depth of around 1600 meter.   

As part of the Big Foot Project, Bezemer Dordrecht provided a C1100 linear winch, which is a winch with 500 tonnes pulling capacity. This winch was used to install one oil export SCR and one gas export SCR.   

In addition to the winch, steel wires, storing winches and a power unit bezemer provided two sets of three sheaves to guide the wire during each pull.   

Recovering steel catenary risers

In 2017 Bezemer Dordrecht was reinvited on the platform. This time to recover the two Export Steel Catenary Risers. Again a 500 mT Linear Winch was required for the SCR pull-in and installation onto the SCR porches. 

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