The perfect winch for mooring, tensioning and lifting operations 

Our 80T single drum winches are diesel-hydraulic powered. The drum winches are provided with a separate diesel power unit mounted in a silenced strong offshore frame. Each HPU is capable of diving one hydraulic winch.  

The diesel engine within the HPU is powering a hydraulic pump to operate the winch. The winch can be controlled by a wired remote control with joysticks. The winches themselves can work in free fall mode, making excellent mooring winches and positioning winches since they have also constant tension capabilities. 

It is possible to insert locking pins to prevent the winch from declutching. In addition, the 80 tonnes pulling winch is outfitted with 2 separate fail-safe brakes making the winch suitable for various lifting operations.

Performance data 

Based on a line pull with a steel wire rope diameter of 38 mm

  • Maximum pulling capacity                 80 mTon       @ 5 m/min

Additional information 

If you’re interested in our 80 Tonnes drum winches or want to learn more about our products and services, please don’t hesitate to contact us or request the specifications by clicking the yellow download button.