Biesbosch Project The Netherlands
80 ton drum winch

  • Client

    Denys NV. Belgium

  • Location

    Biesbosch – Bergsche Maas

Used Products in this project

Biesbosch Project The Netherlands
80 ton drum winch

Project description

At Bezemer, we are proud to have played a vital role in the construction of the new water intake station, Bergsche Maas. This facility was built to increase the water flow of Dordrecht’s water treatment plant. To connect the water intake station to the Gijster water reservoir in the Biesbosch, three new pipelines were laid. We were honoured to be awarded the scope of pulling these three DN2100 pipelines through the Biesbosch to connect the two locations. 

 A rotary winch project close to the office 

Our operators usually travel across the globe to deliver their workmanship, but we were delighted to have the opportunity to work close to home on this project, contributing to drinking water, we will most likely consume ourselves. To complete the pull, we used three of our 80T Hydraulic Drum Winches. These winches were delivered along with the necessary power packs, fairleaders, and anchoring. 

While the pipelines were being welded on land, our Bezemer Drum Winches were positioned on a barge in the waters of the Biesbosch, ready to pull the three pipelines to their designated locations. The pipelines were welded and pulled in place in sections of 34 meters. At the end of the operation, our winches were placed on shore to complete the positioning. The pipes were partially pulled back to make sure they were perfectly positioned against the dyke. Here the pipe would continue through the ground. With the successful positioning of the pipelines, Bezemers’ work is now complete. The pipelines were carefully flooded and subsequently sank to the riverbed.  

Drinking water out of pipelines pulled by Bezemer  

As a result of our efforts and the collaboration of many parties involved, the Bergsche Maas water intake station opened in July 2021. With a maximum capacity of 24 m3 per second, it is the largest intake pumping station in the Netherlands that takes in surface water to make drinking water. The large capacity of this station means that Evides can selectively and quickly fill its reservoirs, providing safe, clean drinking water to the people of the Netherlands. 

 At Bezemer, we take great pride in the work we do, and we are honoured that our drum winches contributed to this project. We can now drink the water that we had a part in providing, and we look forward to future projects where we can continue to deliver our workmanship and expertise.