Bezemer Goup B.V., has been involved in a wide range of projects around the world. Our portfolio represents a history of diverse and impactful projects, from working on challenging topside installations to beach pulls in harsh environments. 

Over the years, our team has successfully contributed to various offshore and onshore initiatives. We have played a role in the installation of offshore platforms, the laying of extensive pipelines, replacements and other remarkable projects. These projects have allowed us to demonstrate our expertise and showcase our ability to overcome obstacles with ingenuity and precision. 

At Bezemer Dordrecht, we are proud of this diverse range of projects we pulled off.  Please read our project stories to learn more about how we deploy our equipment. 

Pulling Through Tunnels

Pulling To Improve Infrastructure

Pulling On Platforms

Pulling For Floatovers

Reference Projects

Valdemar and Roar Gas Lift Project Denmark  100 Ton Linear Winch CLI 210  | Bezemer Group

Pull-in of 2 riser caissons on Roar & Valdemar platforms.

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Yetagun Project Myanmar  150 Ton Linear Winch KTI 150 | Bezemer Group

Linear winch spread used for chain replacement of FPSO.

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MOHO Nord Field Project Congo  500 Ton Linear Winch CPM 1100  | Bezemer Group

A deep water landfall operation at depths of 800 and 1050 meter.

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Rückbau Rheindücker Ork Project Germany 80 ton drum winch | Bezemer Group

Bezemer provided a 800mt linear winch to simultaneously pull three pipelines.

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