MOHO Nord Field Project Congo
500 ton linear winch CPM 1100

  • Client

    Geocean S.A.

  • Location

    Pointe Noire – Republic of Congo

Used Products in this project

MOHO Nord Field Project Congo
500 ton linear winch CPM 1100

Project description

In 2016 client Geocean required assistance fot the landfall operations for the MOHO Nord field Project export pipeline.  

Providing 3000 meters of  steel wire rope

Geocean’s complete project included the preparation of an onshore pulling site, the construction of a gravity anchor as well as the installation of our 500 mton linear winch spread, to complete the approximately 2,5 km landfall.

In order to complete this pull Bezemer Dordrecht provided a linear winch, a total of 3000 meters of steel wire rope in 4 sections of 750 meters, complete with 4 storage winches.  

Pulling with a 500 tonnes socket passing winch

The linear winch used for this project was a C1100, a 500 mton continuous winch. This winch has socket-passing capabilities and allows the wire connections to be passed through the machine. This results in less downtime and increased project efficiency due to the minimalization of the manual labour involved in this process.  

The challenge of this project was operating within a narrow space without interfering with the activities of the Djeno Terminal. This was done with success.  The 16” pipeline was successfully installed and the first production from the Moho Nord project was achieved in March 2017.