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Drum winch with builtin electric hydraulic power unit

The HBM winch is an electric hydraulic powered drum winch with a working load limit of 50 Tonnes on the first layer. The power unit is mounted on the winch itself and only needs to be connected to an electrical source. 

The joystick controlled HBM Winch is ideal for positioning structures, caissons, and tunnel elements. It’s often used for float-over projects, where winches operate as a mating winch. Please note that due to its inability to declutch, it’s not suitable as an anchor winch. The HBM winch comes equipped with a level winder to ensure even spooling. 

The HBM winch is controlled by pendant control.  The winch is provided with a hydraulic motor which can operate on full and hall displacement. This results in two operating speeds allowing flexibility and control in your pulling applications.  

Performance data 

Based on a line pull with a steel wire rope diameter of 36 mm

  • Maximum pulling capacity                 50 mTon       @ 3,5 m/min 

Additional information

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