Tanap Project Turkey
500 ton linear winch C1100

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    Sapura Energy Berhad

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Tanap Project Turkey
500 ton linear winch C1100

Project description

The TANAP Project plays a vital role in the Gas Corridor, connecting the South Caucasus Pipeline (SCP) and the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP). TANAP is the longest natural gas pipeline in Turkey, the Middle East, and Europe. Its primary purpose is to facilitate the transportation of natural gas from Azerbaijan’s Shah Deniz Region to Turkey and subsequently to Europe. 

 Using a linear winch for the Anatolian Landfall

The TANAP pipeline, stretching over 1.811 km, crosses the Marmara Sea. Bezemer Dordrecht, contacted by Subcontractor Sapura Energy Berhad, provided the C1000 linear winch for the landfall at the Anatolian side of this inland sea located entirely within the borders of Turkey. The C1000 is a linear winch with a maximum working load (MWL) of 500 tonnes. The winch is a diesel-driven twin-engine designed by Bezemer. The winch has performed various shore crossings around the globe and is therefore highly suitable for this project.  

Overall, the equipment required for a landfall project like this includes a hydraulic linear winch, a hydraulic power unit, a holdback sheave, steel wire ropes, and storage winches. Once all equipment has undergone preventive maintenance and testing, the winch spread is transported to the site. The winch is connected to an anchoring point using the holdback/equalizer sheave to compensate for any unequal length or stretch of the holdback ropes. After positioning all the equipment, the pulling wire is laid. With one end of the wire connected to the pullhead of the pipe and the other end in the grippers of the winch, the pull operation can commence.  

During the pulling operations, Bezemer operators control and maintain the linear winch, continuously tracking the pull force. Their knowledge of the C1000 winch and hydraulic engines, and their experience in similar projects, ensures a seamless and efficient landfall operation. The pipe pull was completed within a one-day timeframe.  

 The Southern Gas Corridor

The Southern Gas Corridor which covers a distance of approximately 3,500km comprises the South Caucasus Pipeline, TANAP, and the Trans Adriatic Pipeline. TANAP is the longest section of the Southern Gas Corridor, but Bezemer was also repeatedly involved in the other two sections of the Corridor. By clicking the respective links, you can read more about Bezemer’s contributions.