Nyhamna Project Norway
500 ton linear winch KTC 500

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    Island of Aukra, Norway

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Nyhamna Project Norway
500 ton linear winch KTC 500

Project description

Bezemer is proud to have played a role in the success of the NYX Nyhamna Expansion Project in Norway, which involved the development of a natural gas pipeline system to deliver gas from the Aasta Hansteen Field to consumers in Europe. 

The 2014 Nyhamna Expansion Project (NYX) consisted of a new foundation, pipe and concrete work for the expansion of the gas treatment plant at Nyhamna situated outside Molde, at the North West coast of Norway. As part of the initial pipelay process, the pipeline required to be pulled to the landfall site utilizing Bezemers equipment and operators. 

Pulling at pipelaying speed  

For the pull-in of the 36” pipeline section, we supplied our KTC 500, 500 tonnes linear winch. This winch has been designed to work in a gas environment, is explosion-proof, and has been tested entirely at construction. The winch spread has been previously used for the pull-in of J-Tubes at Troll A and also at Gullfaks C.  

The pipeline was pulled in over a gravel bed onto the beach with a pulling force of 400-ton max. The pull consisted of pulling double joints in sections of 24 meters, reflecting the lay vessel’s production rate. As the Solitaire, the by Allseas provided pipeline laying vessel, gives out the new pipeline, our winch would pull the pipeline closer to shore. In the video below you will see more about this pipelaying method usually used for shore landfalls.  

Bezemer as part of a bigger team 

As a company that values collaboration, innovation, and reliable equipment, we are proud to have contributed to the NYX Nyhamna Expansion Project in Norway. During the expansion project, more than 6,000 people have been busy inside and around the facility to make it ready to receive more gas. A total of 60 different companies were involved.  Hence this project is an excellent example of what can be achieved when different parties work together towards a common goal. Besides, we are happy about the appreciation we received from our client Allseas:  

“We have a good long-term relation with Bezemer. For this project unique (explosion proof) equipment was required which was only available within the Bezemer rental fleet” – APM, Allseas 

We look forward to continuing our partnership with Allseas and other companies in the energy sector to tackle the challenges and opportunities of the future.