Troll A Future Development Project Norway
500 ton linear winch KTC 500

  • Client

    Aibel A/S – Statoil A/S

  • Location

    Troll A Platform, Norwegian Continental Shelf

Used Products in this project

Troll A Future Development Project Norway
500 ton linear winch KTC 500

Project description

Bezemer had been contacted by Aibel who was acting as an engineering company for Statoil, to supply a linear winch system suitable to operate on a life platform (Gas producing). Also, there were some limits to weights and special rules applicable such as DNV lifting appliances, Norsok Z-015 and ATEX.

Furthermore, very strict sound levels had to be met, which is, in combination with low weight and DNV 2.7-1, a challenge. Bezemer has designed and ordered the components as required for this project. The winch was built in 4 sections of each less than 20 tonnes (platform crane limit) which were easy to assemble without hydraulic oil spill. The diesel-driven hydraulic power unit, storage winch and winch frame including a deflection sheave were also designed and built with the same weight limitation and compliant with DNV lifting appliances to safely lift it on board of the platform.

The operation also had some challenges due to the fact that the water depth at the location was more than 300 meters and that the vessel equipment had to be suitable to lower and install the pull wire at this water depth. The vessel equipment consisted of a powered storage winch and special build hydraulic power unit, with low exhaust temperature and rig saver mounted.

The pull operation turned out to be the easiest of this whole project, with the pipeline pulled from the lay vessel.