HO 2018-009 - Nordstream II - KTC800SP

Client: Russian Marine and Dredging Company
Location: Russia - Near to Sint Petersburg
Project description

For this project Bezemer Supplied a 800 ton Linear winch, a large number of storage winches and 4000m of 52mm steel wire rope, 4000m of 88.9mm steel wire rope and 7000m of 127mm pull wire rope. The project was split into 4 seperate pull operations, 2 pulls of 2000m length and 2 pulls of 3500m lenght. Bezemer also supplied the winches to install the messenger wires.
Used products in this project

KTC 800 SP overview

Linear Winch type KTC 800 SP

80T Single Drum Winch overview

80T Winch

  • 80 ton winch small
  • Front winch small
  • Installation winch on truck1 small
  • KTC800 layout small
  • KTC800 small

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