HO 2018-006 - SSSGEPS Project Nigeria - KTC800SP

Client: Marine Projects Ltd / Saidel Ltd.
Location: Nigeria
Project description

Supply of a 800 Mton Linear winch spread for the pull of a Gaspipeline from Offshore to Shore in the Niger Delta in Nigeria.  A challenging job due to its location and climate. The pull was over a long section of shallow water which made the installtion of the pull wires a complicated operation which worked out fine at the end. We have used dyneema lines in sections to pull the pull wire from the barge to the shore.
Used products in this project

KTC 800 SP overview

Linear Winch type KTC 800 SP

80T Single Drum Winch overview

80T Winch

  • Arial photo
  • 20180302_162540
  • Installation Holdback small
  • Rainy season
  • Setup of equipment on site small
  • Steel wire ropes
  • Holdback sheave small
  • snake
  • Equipment trasnport local standards small

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