HO 2018-005 - Baltic Connector - C1100

Client: Deme Offshore BV
Location: Estonia - FInland
Project description

Pipe pull operations at 2 locations, one pull in Finland near the town of Inkoo and the other landfall near the town of Tallinn in Estonia. We supplied a length of 1700m diameter 102mm steel wire rope which was installed from a DP Multicat owned and operated by Deme. The pull was performed with our C1100 Linear winch.
Used products in this project

Continuous linear winch C1100

Linear winch type C1100

  • Arial offshore spread small
  • Arial photo small
  • Arial site small
  • multicat with wire lay spread small
  • operator at work small
  • Pipe on land small
  • Pipelay vessel small
  • Site in Finland small
  • Winch installed small

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