KTC 800 SP Spread 01 12_KTI 150 spread HO 2013-006 pic 05 IMG_1849s evides biesbosch
KTC 800 SP in Germany
Record pipeline recovery pulled 1500mton with our KTC 800 SP Linear Winch.
Yetagun KTI 150
Transported by air, skidded in to place and positioned at an angle. Mooring chain replacement Yetagun, KTI 150.
KTC 400 Winch at Egypt Zohr
The pipe pull work was completed in July 2017 and equipment is back at Bezemer's Warehouse
HO 2018-003 - TAP PROJECT - CL1 210 S
The scope of work for this winch is: A river crossing, A pipeline will be pulled through a microtunnel.
Evides Biesbosch - 3 x 80ton drum winch
Supply of 3 pull winches to pull 3 x 2.200m diameter water pipelines in a dredged trench


Bezemer Group. Enthusiasm. Commitment. Responsibility.

Bezemer Group B.V. is a privately owned  rental and sales company, active in the marine and offshore industry worldwide. Our core business is: Linear winches, drum winches, traction winches, roller fairleaders, anchor fairleaders and all other cable or pipe laying equipment.

Bezemer is active in the offshore and marine industry and supplying equipment to all major pipe laying, subsea installation, dredging and salvage companies all over the world.

Bezemer is a key supplier for linear winches and auxiliary rental equipment for landfalls, outfalls and beach pull operations. We are furthermore supplier of all types of winches, often designed or modified to client specifications and wishes.

Every Bezemer employee shares the company's sense of enthusiasm, commitment and responsibility. This is reflected in a very low work-force turnover which gives Bezemer a solid and reliable base for our worldwide operations.

Bezemer remains a family company, founded in the late 1940s, now in its third generation.

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KTC500 Linear winch spread ready for Lillebaelt Crossing

In Denmark our crew has setup the equipment for the Lillebaelt crossing, an 4 kilometer pipepull.

370 extra solar panels installed

Solar panels part 2
Last year another 370 solar panels were installed on our workshop.

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