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Green Innovation

Recent developments in the world mean that the oil and gas market is under considerable pressure. The agreed energy transition has thus gained momentum, which necessitates new strategies among the major players.

The current juncture regarding climate goals, the reopening of the world after a pandemic, the boycotting of an influential oil and gas supplier, and the deeply felt economic effects make the uncertainty and the forthcoming issues even more complex.

As a world leader and specialist in the industry, we operate in an absolute niche. Our position means that we are widely known and looked at. We realise that we not only play a pioneering role but also set an example.

We may play a modest but crucial role within a project. Many specific and specialist aspects come together in a so-called landfall, for example, where an oil or gas pipe is pulled ashore. Knowledge, skills and capacity are essential elements in successfully completing the assignment in one go. There are no room for errors and/or delays. The devil is in the details and something with venom that would dwell in the tail… We have been active in this industry for more than forty years and rely on our loyal team of specialists and rich experience.

Therefore, we are happy to use this experience concerning innovation by our values. For example, sustainability is anchored in our values ​​and a permanent part of our focus. In addition to all the investments we have already made in sustainability, we are developing a fully electrically driven linear winch.

The complete electrification of a winch with an enormous power capacity brings the necessary challenges and advantages. A positive side effect is that an electric winch has hardly any losses; the winch yield and efficiency are 98%. This is in addition to no CO2 emissions and that the power source can be charged with sustainable energy. In other words, there is no need for a heavy diesel generator to operate the winch, and the complete pulling installation can run on its own. In all modesty, but with pride, we also want to give substance to our position in this challenging market.