HO 2017-007 - Ghana - KTC500

Location: Takadori - Ghana
Project description

This winch is rented for a maximum pull force of  500 mton.                                              The scope of work for this winch is: Pipeline shore pull .

The OCTP Gas Export Sealine Project includes the installation of approximately 64km of 26" rigid pipeline from the Landfall Terminal End (L TE) at the shore approach, to a subsea PLET at the deepwater end in 825m water depth. The PLET is connected to the existing FPSO SSIV by a rigid 22" diameter spool piece.

Used products in this project

Continuous linear winch KTC 500

Linear winch type KTC 500

  • CAUH5504 4-3s
  • BAOA2788 4-3s
  • XMFO5430 4-3s
  • HRAE2664 4-3s

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