HO 2015-001 - Yetagun KTI 150

Client: SBM Offshore Group
Location: Myanmar
Project description

The Yetagun FSO has been operating on location in the Yetagun Gas and Condensate Field offshore Myanmar in the Andaman Sea, since April 2000, and first oil has been accomplished on 7th of May 2000. The initial design life of 15 years is due to expire in May 2015.

As part of the design life extension of the Yetagun FSO beyond 2015, SBM ordered our KTI 150 linear winch for replacement of the Mooring Chains. SBM required a winch to disconnect the old chain sections and reconnect new chain sections onto an external turret mooring system.

Before the KTI 150 linear winch spread was airfreighted to the FSO, Bezemer designed, manufactured and tested an interface frame between the linear winch and anchor point on the FSO. Due to the aft ship position of the crane all of the equipment needed to be skidded to fore ship by means of using a transport roller system.

Used products in this project

KTI 150_pic 01

Linear Winch type KTI 150

  • 01_Winch ready for air freight
  • 02_Winch frame ready for air freight
  • 03_Equipment ready for air freight
  • 04_equipment ready for transport
  • 05_Winch placed in position
  • 06_Storage winch placed in position
  • 07_HPU connected
  • 08_HPU
  • 09_KTI 150
  • 10_KTI 150
  • 11_KTI 150
  • 12_KTI 150 spread
  • 13_KTI 150 spread
  • 14_KTI 150 spread
  • 15_KTI 150 spread

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