Harderwijk - CLI 210

Client: BSI Bomenservice B.V.
Location: Harderwijk, The Netherlands
Project description

Due to rearrangement of the station area in Harderwijk, a 150 year old oak had to move 60 meters from its original location.

A trench of approximately 100 meter was excavated to its final destination where it will be set as an eye catcher next to the entrance of a new tunnel.

Upon request of BSI Bomenservice B.V. we supplied a 100 mton Linear Winch including snatch block, hydraulic power unit and generator set.

With the use of the snatch block we were able to relocate the oak with a final pull tension of 130 mton.

Used products in this project

Intermittent linear winch CLI 210 S

Linear winch type CLI 210

  • Equipment ready to be installed
  • Equipment ready to pull
  • Equipment ready to pull
  • Start of tree movement
  • Pull almost completed

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