NYX Landfall Nyhamna, Norway

Client: Allseas
Location: Island of Aukra, Norway
Project description

Allseas client Statoil AS is undertaking the development of a natural gas pipeline system to deliver gas from the Aasta Hansteen Field, within the Polar Circle, to consumers in Europe.

The pipeline system consists of a 36” pipeline section from the PLEM structure at Aasta Hansteen, towards the landfall at Nyhamna plant.

The Nyhamna Gas Processing Plant is located on the Island of Aukra, near the City of Molde. The plant is operated by Norske Shell and will be fully operational.

Part of the project is a landfall where the pipe lay will be initiated via a beach pull. As part of the initial pipelay process the pipeline will require to be pulled-in onto the landfall site utilizing Bezemer’s equipment and operators.

The pipe shall be pulled in over a gravel bed onto the beach. The pipeline shall be pulled in at approximately 80 feet (24 meters) intervals, reflecting the lay vessel’s production rate. Anticipated pull-in load 400 mton.

A 500 mton hold back anchor will be made available in the Nyhamna Gas Processing Facility.

Bezemer supplied the equipment for the pull-in of the 36” pipeline section. The equipment has been designed to work in gas environment and has been tested entirely at construction and used for the pull-in of J-Tubes at Troll A and also at Gullfaks C. 

Used products in this project

Continuous linear winch KTC 500

Linear winch type KTC 500

  • Testing triangle plate
  • Horizontal roller on  Nyhamna Project
  • Standby in the snow
  • Triangle plate in holdback system
  • Winch spread in the snow
  • Front view of linear winch and storage winch
  • Pull head reaching final location
  • Pull completed

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