Nordeste Landfall Project (phase II)

Client: Boskalis Offshore B.V.
Location: Brazil
Project description

For the second phase of the Nordeste Landfall project, our client outfitted a pull barge, for which we supplied the pull-in equipment and back anchoring system of the winch.

The barge was towed to location in Brasil and the 3 sections were pulled from the beach until the already installed pipeline Tie-in location. Also a section of the pipe line was pulled over a sandbank which could not be reached by the laybarge.

Used products in this project

Continuous linear winch CPM 1100

Linear winch type CPM 1100

  • Lifting full drum
  • Lifting storage winch with drum
  • Both storage winches in position
  • CPM 1100 Spread foto 01
  • CPM 1100 Spread foto 02
  • CPM 1100 Spread foto 03
  • Barge with winch
  • Nordeste II project

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