The Wasit Gas Plant Project

Client: Boskalis Offshore B.V.
Location: Saudi Arabia
Project description

The Wasit Gas Plant will be one of the largest gas plants Saudi Aramco has ever built when it is completed in 2014.

The program also provides for installing natural gas liquids (NGL) fractionation facilities inside the Wasit central processing facility to process a C2+ NGL stream produced at Khursaniyah.

Saipem was awarded the installation of the subsea pipelines. Saipem on their turn subcontracted Boskalis for the dredging and landfall works.

Bezemer was contracted to supply the pull-in equipment and the wire lay spread, the special wires were supplied by Saipem. For this project Bezemer used the KTC 400 linear winch to pull the 3.500 meter long pipelines. In total 3 pipelines were pulled in 2 dredged trenches.

Used products in this project

Continuous linear winch KTC 400

Linear winch type KTC 400

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