AL Khalij Power Plant - Lybia

Client: Geocean S.A.
Location: Lybia
Project description

In 2010 Bezemer was awarded the supply of a linear winch spread to pull-out 2x 2350 meter of oil pipeline to a single point mooring Buoy.

Our client, Geocean from Marseille (France), prepared a pull barge for which we supplied the holdback system on the barge, all wires, storage winches, overboarding rollers and the slings for socket passing. Onshore a string yard was prepared and sections of 150 meter were pulled out.

The holdback frame was specially designed to transfer the load directly from the winch to the anchor piles. It was a challenging project due to the location as well as the severe environmental conditions.

Used products in this project

Continuous linear winch C1100 @Brazil

Linear winch type C1100 HS

  • HO 2010-004 pic01
  • HO 2010-004 pic02
  • HO 2010-004 pic03
  • HO 2010-004 pic04
  • HO 2010-004 pic05
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