HBM Single Drum Winch

Product description

The HBM winch is an electric hydraulic powered winch. The power unit is mounted on the winch itself and only needsĀ to be connected to an electrical source.

The winch is joy stick controlled with speeds up to 17m/min at low pull. Furthermore the winch is outfitted with a constant tension system, which makes it very suitable for position of structures, caissons and tunnel elements. Also this winch is often usedĀ for float over projects were they are used as a mating winch. The winch is not able to declutch and therefore not suitable as anchor winch.

At request the winches can be supplied with remote control panels, enabling it to operate the winch from one central location. Also mounted on the winch is a load readout, which gives an indication of the load of the winch, measured by load pins, mounted on the winch frame.

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