80T Single Drum 'mooring/lifting' Winch

Product description

Our 80T single drum winches are Diesel Hydraulic powered. Each winch has a diesel power unit mounted in silenced strong offshore frame. A HPU drives 1 or 2 winches.

The diesel engine is powering a hydraulic pump to operate the winch. The winch can be either operated from the HPU, from a central control location by removing the control panels from the HPU and/or by wireless remote control.

The winches are joy stick controlled and they are able to work in free fall mode, making excellent mooring winches and positioning winches since they have also constant tension capabilities.

It is possible to insert locking pins, so that it is not possible to declutch the winch and therefore it can be used as a lifting winch, also since it is outfitted with 2 separate fail safe brakes.

specification 80T Single Drum Winch

general arrangement 80T Single Drum Winch

Projects where this product is used

project with hydraulic winch

80T Drum Winch > CMMP

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